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McPherson County

Executive Board Council

Executive Board

The Extension Executive Board is a nine member body elected from the 24 member Extension Council each year. The Extension Council members serve on one of the four Program Development Committees: Agriculture/Horticulture, Family and Consumer Sciences, 4-H Youth Development, and Community Development.

The Executive Board is a volunteer board that oversees the budgeting, personnel, and programming needs for the local Extension Office. If you are interested in serving on this board, you first need to be elected to one of the Program Development Committees.


Board PositionNameProgram Development Committee
ChairJennifer Wiens4-H Development
Vice ChairDuane BenderAgriculture and Natural Resources
TreasurerShane WilliamsCommunity Vitality
SecretaryJennifer WilsonFamily & Community Wellness
Board MemberMarci Fox4-H Youth Development
Board Member Janell HarmanAgriculture and Natural Resources
Board Member Erik PetersonAgriculture and Natural Resources
Board Member Galen WiensAgriculture and Natural Resources
Board MemberSean WilsonCommunity Vitality

Program Development Committee Members / Extension Council Members

The Program Development Committees each consist of six elected members that represent the community. The election is held each October and every eligible voter in McPherson County may come vote. 

Program Development CommitteeName
4-H Youth DevelopmentJennifer Wiens
4-H Youth DevelopmentMarci Fox
4-H Youth DevelopmentEmily Regier
4-H Youth DevelopmentErin Riley
4-H Youth DevelopmentHolly Toll
4-H Youth DevelopmentJennifer Reiff
AgricultureDuane Bender
AgricultureJanell Harman
AgricultureErik Peterson
AgricultureGalen Wiens
AgricultureCurtis Patrick
AgricultureDwight Decker
Family & Community WellnessJennifer Wilson
Family & Community WellnessJenny Smith
Family & Community WellnessLori Bower
Family & Community WellnessSarah Burke
Family & Community WellnessJulie Holloway
Family & Community WellnessJessica McNally
Community VitalityShane Williams
Community VitalitySean Wilson
Community VitalityJanis Larson
Community VitalityKatie Sawyer
Community VitalityKim Baldwin
Community VitalityHayley Samford

4-H Fairboard

Lorna Pauls
Shelby Shaw
Rhonda Toews Moore
Zeke Durr
Holly Toll
Jenny Smith
Marci Fox
Ison Marston

Macy Reiff