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McPherson County

Small Steps to Health and Wealth

The Small Steps to Health and Wealth™ program provides information to help you take charge of your future.  It was designed to motivate participants to take action to improve their lives.  Each of the 25 behavior change strategy fact sheets has health and wealth “action steps” and one or more worksheets that provide an opportunity to apply the strategy to your health and wealth goals and life situation.

Click here to get started these first few links are from the curriculum author and provides additional helpful information.  Registration is optional. 

Article From Curriculum Author

Dear Small Steps participant

Overcoming Obstacles and Taking Action

Overview of Small Steps Curriculum

Registration (optional)


Track Your Spending worksheet

The lessons begin here.  Work through them at your own pace.  We will have two meetings to discuss the curriculum.  Please email jmckinne@ksu.edu if you would like to be notified when the meetings will be held.  Once you complete the program, please complete an evaluation form that will be posted at a later date.

Lesson 1 Track Your Spending (Microsoft Word)

 Lesson 2 Unload Your Childhood Baggage

 Lesson 3 Put Your Mind To It

 Lesson 4 Commit to Making a Change

Lesson 5 Defy Someone or Defy the Odds

Lesson 6 Think Balance Not Sacrifice

Lesson 7 Control Your Destiny

Lesson 8 Make Progress Every Day

Lesson 9 Get Help and Be Accountable

Lesson 10 Meet Yourself Halfway

Lesson 11 Say "No" to Supersizing

Lesson 12 Convert Consumption into Labor

Lesson 13 Compare Yourself with Recommended Benchmarks

Lesson 14 Use Easy Frames of Reference

Lesson 15 Automate Good Habits and Create Templates

Lesson 16 Live the "Power of 10"

Lesson 17 Take Calculated Risks and Conquer Your Fears

Lesson 18 Appreciate Teachable Moments and Wake-Up Calls

Lesson 19 Weight the Costs and Benefits of Changing

Lesson 20 Step Down to Change

Lesson 21 Kick It Up a Notch

Lesson 22 Control Your Environment

Lesson 23 Monitor Your Progress and Reward Your Progress

Lesson 24 Expect Obstacles and Prepare for Relapses

Lesson 25 Set a Date and Get Started...Just Do It

Poster - Are Your Savings Going Up in Smoke?

Poster - Eating Away At Your Future?

Poster - Is Your Lunch Eating Your Lunch?

Poster - Nibbling Away At Your Bottom Line?


This is great info.  Click on the link for more information.

Contact Information

Jana McKinney
Jana McKinney
County Extension Agent Family and Consumer Sciences
Phone : 620-241-1523

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