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McPherson County

Membership Information


How to Join:

First you must decide which club you wish to join! There are currently 8 clubs in McPherson County.

Check them out here: 4-H Clubs in McPherson County
*For contact information for any of the above 4-H clubs, please contact the Extension Office.  We will help you get into the club that best suits you and your interests.*

Enrollment is easy!

You will create a family account here.
Then you will be able to enroll each child, pick a club and projects and also add adult volunteers!

4-H Online now includes the health/participation form!


4-H Members: Regular 4-H membership is open to all youth age 7-18 (4-H membership age is calculated as of age before Jan. 1 of the current year).

Cloverbuds:  Cloverbuds are 4-H members who are 5 or 6 years of age before Jan 1 of the current year.  They can do most things that regular 4-H'ers do - but on a participation basis.  There is no competition in this group.  The focus is on cooperative learning.