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McPherson County

McPherson County Record Book Resources

    Kansas Award Portfolio (KAP) completed for at least ONE project


KAP includes (in this order):

  • 4-H Personal Page
  • 4-H Story
  • KAP Application
  • Pictures
  • Permanent Record (County Requirement-add to end of at least one application)

This information needs to be completed in the given order in a 3-ring notebook. Each project you complete the forms for should be completed in separate notebooks.
Example: If you complete four KAPs, you should turn in four 3-ring notebooks!

***7-8 year old KAP order should be Personal Page, KAP, Pictures/Story


Kansas Award pPortfolio (KAP) Documents

13 years old and older


9-12 years old


7-8 years old


Personal Page

 Permanent Record