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McPherson County


McPherson County Fair in Canton --- July 18-22

McPherson County 4-H Fair in McPherson --- July 27-30


exhibit card example (available at Extension Office)


Space reservation pre-entry for Project Displays, Reading Displays, Shooting Sports Displays, and Self-Determined Displays



Performing Arts Department Pre-Entry --



Cost Per Wear Form

Fashion Revue Evaluation Scorecard


 Livestock Members

The Animal Pen Reservation Form and Drug Withdrawal Form are both due back to the office on Monday, July 23rd by 5PM.

All animals staying on the grounds are required to have a pen reservation. The drug withdrawal form is required for ALL

exhibitors with a market animal coming to the fair.


Note the Judging schedule below is for 2018- For full schedule of entries and events, please check out your fairbook! 




Conference judging: Foods & Nutrition- Foods, Foods Preservation, and Place Settings; Decorated Cookie Jar


Conference judging: Woodworking (Chief Building)

1:30Conference judging: Visual Arts and Crafts (4-H Building)
2:00Conference judging: Fiber Arts (4-H Building)
3:00Conference judging: Electrical/Electronics, Small Engines, Alternative Energy and Self-Determined (Chief Building)
4:30Conference judging: Space Tech (4-H Building)
5:30-7:00Rural Appreciation Supper [Tickets must be picked up at local merchants, not at the Extension Office.]
6:00Live Food Auction of Food & Nutrition and Decorated Cookie Jar Entries, Fundraiser for 4-H Council (Tent)
7:00Meat Goat Show (Livestock Arena)


8:30Conference judging: Photography (Extension Office Meeting Room)
10:00Conference judging: Exploring (4-H Building), Plant Science (Chief Building)
10:00Conference judging: Dairy Goats & Dairy Cattle Show (Livestock Arena)
11:30Conference judging: Cloverbuds (4-H Building)
12:00Conference judging: Clothing & Textiles (Extension Office Conference Room)
1:00Fashion Revue Judging (Extension Office Meeting Room).
1:30Conference judging: Forestry; Shooting Sports; Wildlife (Chief Building)
2:00Conference judging: Entomology (4-H Building)
4:30Public Fashion Revue and Performing Arts (4-H Building)
6:00Horse Show (Saddle Club Arena)
6:00Conference judging: Poultry (Block Building)
7:00Bicycle Rodeo (Extension Office Parking Lot)



9:00Beef Show (Livestock Arena)
9:30Bucket Calf Conference judging and Show (will follow beef show)
10:00Free Breakfast (Tent)
10:30Church Service (Tent)
11:30Conference Judging: Booths/Banners (Chief Building)
12:30Conference judging: Notebooks and Home Environment (Chief Building)
1:00Barnyard Olympics (Show Arena)
2:00Conference judging: Reading Displays (4-H Building)
3:00Conference judging: Geology (Chief Building)
4:00Conference judging: Project Displays (4-H Building)
5:00Sheep Show (Livestock Arena)
6:00Hand Pet & Cat Show (4-H Building)
6:00Ice Cream Social for Everyone (Tent)
7:00Swine Show (Livestock Arena)



8:00Dog Show
8:30Rabbit Show (Block Building)
12:00Talks & Demonstrations (4-H Building)
5:00Round Robin Showmanship
6:00Buyers Appreciation Supper (Tent)
7:00Parade of Champions (Livestock Arena)
7:30Livestock Sale (Livestock Arena)