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McPherson County

Additional Awards


  • Key Award (PDF)

  • I Dare You Award

  • Achievement Award: (Leaders May Nominate 4-H Members 14 and Older who exhibit outstanding 4-H Leadership and Involvement)

  • Family of the Year: (Each Club May Nominate One Family)

    Previous Winners:

    2020-2021  Derek Bower Family

    2019-2020  Shayne Fox Family

    2018-2019  Kelly Pauls Family (Friend of 4-H)

    2017-2018  Kevin Krehbiel Family

    2016-2017  Jarod Littrell Family

    2015-2016  Galen Wiens Family

    2014-2015  Mark McKinney Family

    2013-2014  Todd Harman Family

    2012-2013  Larry Diepenbrock Family

    2011-2012  Dean Brown Family

    2010-2011  David Yenni Family

    2009-2010  Allan Sents Family

    2008-2009  Don Roberts Family

    2007-2008  David Corn Family

    2006-2007  George Sheets Family

    2005-2006  Paul Johnson Family

  • Additional Supporter Awards:

Alumni Award

Friend of 4-H Award